The Journey School

The Journey School is a school of transformative spiritual psychology and practice of The Church of Conscious Harmony (CCH).



An annual, yearlong curriculum consisting of a weekly email sent each Thursday morning which includes art, Scripture, teachings from the Work of Inner Christianity integrated with contemplative Christianity, practices, links to a glossary, and archived emails and classes. Participants in The Journey School are expected to read, reflect and engage the contents, suggested practices and exercises of the weekly email.

A weekly Thursday evening class that explores the ideas and practices of the Work of Inner Christianity integrated with wisdom from the contemplative Christian tradition, an online gathering of sharing and discovery in a community of high intention and purpose.

Weekly Journey Groups, the primary place for the processing of our Work on the spiritual journey and the nurturing of spiritual community in a small group setting. Discussion is shaped by the weekly curriculum content and how participants are engaging with it in their daily lives. Journey Groups involve a one-year commitment, beginning in February and concluding in December. For a fuller description and expectations for participation click HERE.

Work Partners, one-on-one relationships supporting one another, setting daily Work aims, and holding one another accountable. To qualify for a Work Partner relationship, one must have been receiving the weekly emails, and attending the Thursday evening class for at least six months. For a fuller description and expectations for participation click HERE.

Gurdjieff Movements, exercises and sacred dances having as their aim equilibrium and unity of being, balancing the three centers, working in all three lines of the Work. For a fuller description, expectations, and prerequisites for participation click HERE.

Oblates, consent to a journey deeper into Christ, what theologians call Theosis, what Jesus called “abiding with him,” and what St. Paul called “union with Christ” or “putting on the mind of Christ.” Participation as an Oblate is a declaration of intentional relationship to the Divine Mystery that is God and to all creation. To become an Oblate, a vow is taken, renewable each February. The vow is born of personal hunger and commitment for transformation into Christ and a wish to live a committed life in service of this aim. In making their vow, Oblates commit themselves to God and to living the Oblate Rule of Life so to actively participate in the spiritual journey while engaging the transformative process as “monks in the world.” Oblates participate in The Journey School programs by receiving the weekly email, attending the Thursday class, and participating in a Journey Group, (with the option of having a Work Partner and participation in the Gurdjieff Movements). The vow is to God alone, yet lived out through and within the Church community. For more detail select HERE.

We offer various levels of participation. One can engage in The Journey School at a level that fits your available time and spiritual hunger:

  • Receive weekly email only; all levels of participation will receive the email
  • Attend the Thursday night class
  • Participate in a Journey Group
  • Have a Work Partner
  • Participate in the Gurdjieff Movements
  • Commit to the vowed life of an Oblate, living the Oblate Rule of Life
  • Commit to being a Circle of Devotion Oblate



+ Who can participate in The Journey School?
The Journey School is open to anyone, anywhere, who wants to make God-devotion and transformation into Christ the center of their lives without the aid of monastery walls. Ones does not need to live in the Austin area or be a member of The Church of Conscious Harmony. All that is required is the intention to participate in The Journey School at one or more of the levels of engagement.
+ How do I join The Journey School?
One joins The Journey School by registering online. Registering to receive the weekly email can be done at any time. However, to move to deeper levels of participation, that is, to be a member of a Journey Group, to have a Work partner, to participate in the Gurdjieff Movements or to be an Oblate, registration needs to be submitted by January 28, 2023.
+ Does it cost anything to participate in The Journey School?
There is a suggested donation of $300 to help support costs, though any amount will be joyfully received.
+ How is The Journey School organized?
A team of very committed people are involved in the organization and staffing of The Journey School. Spiritual and programmatic leadership is held by the Abbess. Writers and Presenters support the curriculum and Thursday night teachings; and facilitators hold center for each Journey Group. Additional support is provided by the Church Business Manager, Office Administrator and others.
+ What’s the difference between The Journey School and The Church of Conscious Harmony (CCH)?
CCH offers many opportunities to deepen one’s relationship with God – The Journey School is but one – though a principal one. In addition to The Journey School, there are worship services, a youth program, other classes and an extensive retreat ministry. Although The Journey School is part of CCH, it is possible to participate in The Journey School and not be a formal member, or attend other programs of CCH. It is also possible to be a member of CCH and not participate in The Journey School.
+ Will CCH offer in-depth study options apart from The Journey School?
Yes. There will be elective classes offered throughout the year, open to all.
+ Does The Journey School have a campus?
Yes, at The Church of Conscious Harmony in Austin, Texas. The Journey School holds the weekly Thursday evening class online. Some Journey Groups meet on campus, others meet online.
+ I don’t live in Austin. How much of The Journey School can I participate in?
You can participate in all levels of The Journey School except the Gurdjieff Movements which are only offered in-person at the Church.

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