Weekly Programs for Church Youth

+ Youth Education Services (YES)
Sunday 10:00am - 11:30am
YES supports the spiritual development of children of all ages. Our aim is to help our children learn and retain the affirmative feeling of self-worth we call the Yes feeling and to teach clear and certain awareness of God-knowing. The YES program has two age/grade components, Godly Play and Harmony Youth Program.
+ Godly Play
Toddlers - 5th grade
Godly Play provides balanced learning experiences that include physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulation and guidance. Godly Play catches a child’s imagination and wonder. Each child has a relationship with God and Godly Play helps the child build on and explore that relationship, that children may develop their highest possibilities in relational and devotional living; that they might become spiritually awake, God-centered human beings living out of extraordinary love. Children meet together in the Fellowship Hall for Chapel and then go to grade level classrooms.
+ Harmony Youth Program
6th - 12th grade
The Harmony Youth Program (HYP) offers space for young people to experience and express the felt presence of God. Classrooms are grade based. Lessons focus on responding to readings from sacred texts, and include Centering Prayer instruction and practice. The classroom atmosphere supports the opportunity for youth to wonder and share their feelings and questions about Scripture and the spiritual journey with others their age in a safe, inclusive environment.
6th - 12th grade
Harmony Youth Practicing Evolving Devotion is a youth group that promotes growing, sharing and experiencing the love of God in community. It is open to all students in the Harmony Youth Program and is supportive of individual spiritual growth. HYPED also sponsors an annual pilgrimage to the Lama Foundation in New Mexico and a retreat at Cedarbrake Renewal Center in Belton, TX. HYPED meetings are held after service on announced Sunday's.