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January 7 - January 28

The Journey School 2024 Registration

January 7 - January 28

You are invited to join in community

…In faith, to renew your consent and will to God,

…In hope, to participate fully in a year dedicated to Holy Unknowing

…In love, to move ever deeper together as a community of intention, devotion and practice.

All Glory to God!

We are seeking to approach the unknown,

to open the door to what is hidden in us and pass beyond.

It is necessary to submit entirely to an inner voice,

to a feeling of the Divine, of the sacred in us.

But we can do it only in part. We can ask for help…

We can say, “Lord, have mercy,” in order to Be.

Jeanne de Salzmann, The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff

Before registering, if details or questions arise about the different levels of engagement in The Journey School, select this link HERE

The Journey School Registration 2024

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