“Wish is the most powerful thing in the world.”
– Work aphorism

The primary wish in the Work is the wish to awaken, to increase consciousness and to be transformed.  Therefore, it is often referred to as Real Wish, as opposed to the small and mechanical wishes of everyday life, e.g., “I wish he would stop acting like that.” “I wish it would rain.”

Wish is connected to and enlivens the will and engages all three centers of our being – intellectual, emotional and instinctive/moving.  It is a full body Yes to a short or long-term aim.

Wish is the most powerful thing in the world because the Universe is response to request.  Ask and you shall receive, although not necessarily in the way you think it should look. In Christian terms, Wish is related to faith and the power of our thoughts, words and will. Wish may also be a deeper expression of a certain type of three-centered prayer.

“One of three impulses that help one acquire [access to Real] I: ‘I can, I wish, I am’ (G. I. Gurdjieff).”
-Beryl Pogson, Brighton Work Talks