Man 1, 2, 3 are referred to as mechanical humanity. Each of us has a dominant center that influences our primary behavior and orientation to life:


Man 1 – the one of action, who has the center of gravity in the moving center.

Man 2 – the emotional one, who feels, is sentimental and romantic and has the

center of gravity in the emotional center.

Man 3 – the one who thinks, calculates, and researches, who has the center of

gravity in the intellectual center.


Because all the centers are interrelated, we also have secondary and third-order patterns known as “stacks”:


Moving-centered individuals might be:            1, 2, 3 or 1, 3, 2

Emotional-centered individuals might be:        2, 1, 3 or 2, 3, 1

Intellectually-centered individuals might be:     3, 1, 2 or 3, 2, 1


It is important to note that “dominant” does not imply most conscious; rather, this is the primary, mechanically-generated, go-to center, the most likely to be exerted, especially in a crisis or situation of some immediacy. For example, call to mind a notable event: What was your first reaction? A physical sensation or movement? An action-plan? Weeping, or other emotion? What was your second center that was evoked? And, finally, the third center? Upon reflection, it is likely that you will see that this is an observable and repetitive pattern in your life. Thus, your stack. If the response elicited was in this order — sensation→action-plan→emotion — then your stack would be 1-3-2.


Our early formation, education, experiences, and life events, including great joys and deep traumas all shape our developmental orientation and our level of being. Number 4 Man is conscious in more or less all centers so that one center does not usurp the function of another, and each center does its own work as may be appropriate to the situation.


A conscious exercise would be to pick a day, a week, and attempt to observe an event/s and note the mechanical manifestation of your centers and consciously evoke the lesser-used centers in your reaction/response. Also, you may wish to explore how you may consciously feed the two neglected centers with higher influences.