The Movements can show us how to be in life, how to experience Presence and at the same time have a freer movement in manifestation. Instead of reactions – the conditioned responses of our automatism – thee is the possibility of action coming from vision, from a conscious force that is higher. The Movements are a way of living the idea of Presence. Jeanne de Salzmann

Gurdjieff Movements are exercises and sacred dances having as their aim equilibrium and unity of being, balancing of the three centers, working in all three lines of the Work. Movements are accompanied by Gurdjieff music on the piano.

Participation involves a one-year commitment, beginning in February and concluding in December. Regular attendance is needed to support the Work of the group as a whole as well as each participant’s. All participation will be in-person. There is no online alternative. Gurdjieff Movements will be offered to those who have previously participated in CCH Movements classes or participated in The Journey School in a prior year. Movements can be physically demanding for some people. Signature on a formal “waiver/release” document will be needed from each participant. Specific attire is also necessary for participation. If you have questions, please contact the church office.