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Man is a Self-developing Organism

The Work teaches that human beings are self-developing organisms – that we all are unfinished creations with the potential of being evolved into something far greater.


Simply stated: the aim of the Work is to provide a container, a community and a practical set of tools to help us reach our highest, God-given potential as human beings.


“All religion, all esoteric teaching, is about the fact that we are born as self-developing organisms … in order, by a certain kind of work on ourselves, to reach something inherent in us (as a new being is inherent in an egg) which is called Real I … the object is to have what is called ‘Christ’ born in us. … the Kingdom of Heaven lies within you and that means the realization of Real I. … Now the application of the Work to yourself is all about making it possible to go on a journey, spiritual or psychological, towards what is really you, Real I in you.”

– Maurice Nicoll, Commentaries, “On Practical Work,” Dec 18, 1949, Vol. 4, p. 1348


Humanity has the potential to awaken and arise in consciousness.