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Magnetic Center

Magnetic center is that within us which knows that “there is something else, another idea of life, and that life cannot be explained in terms of itself” (Commentaries, Vol. 3, p.994).  It is that within us which recognizes depth and truth and may draw us toward these influences. It is not one of the three main centers the Work describes (moving-instinctual; emotional; intellectual), but rather is an acquired discernment and attraction mechanism based in the emotional center.  With it we are able to discern the difference in quality between influences, and consequently are drawn to, and affected by, B influences.  Magnetic center brings us to the Work but making effort on the side of knowledge and being are needed to keep us on the journey of transformation. In Christian terms, magnetic center might correspond to the image and likeness of God within, and might also be one of the languages the Holy Spirit uses to call, form and transform human beings further in love, wisdom and Christ.

For more on magnetic center, see Gnosis 1, pp. 52 – 62.