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Level of Being

“Your life will be according to your level of being. If you’re being changes then your life will change accordingly. The great teaching of the Work regarding this idea is that: Your being attracts your life. If your level of being changes then the horizontal line of time will pass through the vertical line of being at a higher level. Levels are discontinuous like the rungs of a ladder, they don’t merge. That means that what exists on one level does not necessarily exist on another.”

– Rebecca Nottingham, The Work: Esotericism and Christian Psychology, p. 78

An analogy would be like different floors in a city skyscraper. If you are on the 5th floor you have a view that shows you a perspective of the street below and the surrounding buildings. But if you were on the top floor the view revealed to you is much more expansive with many more things in it. Perhaps you can even see beyond the city or see the horizon. You can see how the surrounding streets intersect, how other buildings are laid out if there is a mountain range, a river, or an ocean nearby, and whether the city is in a valley or on a hill. Transformation of meaning is possible as one’s level of being changes.  It is up to the individual to apply the Work and raise the level of his/her being and change the perspective.


Level of being is closely related to the Work idea of scale.