“The numbers in the above diagram designate essential levels of being. Men 1-3 are undeveloped and act mechanically: No. 1’s center of gravity being in moving center, No. 2 in emotional center, and No. 3 in intellectual center. No. 4 is balanced in respect of having developed all centers to form a permanent center of gravity. The significant feature of No. 5 is the attainment of unity. It is a big step to No. 6, which means possessing the qualities the Work regards as real consciousness, will, and individuality. No. 7 possesses these properties permanently; such a one is a fully-developed man.”          

–  Beryl Pogson, Meetings with Beryl Pogson, p. 8


Qualities of Balanced Man include:

  • All centers and all parts of centers are developed and used rightly.
  • The centers do not interfere with one another.
  • Balance Man can choose which center and which part of center to use.
  • The emotional center is developed and can overcome violence.
  • One has consciousness of oneself and contact with higher centers.

The fundamental purpose of Fourth Way schools is to assist one’s evolution to the level of Balanced Man.