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The Eucharist is the central Presence, teaching and sacrament at the Church. Our celebration of the Eucharist is not priestly transubstantiation, but the creation of a prayer, a wish, a context, an opening into community for God to interact with and feed the recipients through the sacred elements. We believe it has the power to open hearts, change minds, forgive sins, heal broken lives, dissolve separation, transform beings, and create conscious union. For us, the Eucharist is an opportunity to see ordinary matter in an extraordinary way, inviting us to perceive the mystery of Christ everywhere and in everything. It is an unbroken transmission of God’s love for us and Presence with and within us.


You are what you eat. As we take in the Body of Christ, we become the Body of Christ. This is true at the material and the mystical levels of existence. Receive what you are to become (St. Augustine).


Eucharist is included in the Sunday Service.