We believe… 


God is all in all.  God is eternally revealing as the Trinity – Transcendent Father, Omnipresent Son and Immanent Holy Spirit – active within us as the Divine Indwelling.


The Omnipresent incarnated as Christ, took flesh in Mary and became the historical man Jesus. Although manifested at a moment in history, Christ remains eternally present in every human being – past, present and to come.  We are all one in the Body of Christ.


We are created in the image and likeness of God.  Our basic nature is absolute good.


Humanity is asleep to its divine essence and called to awaken.


Daily spiritual practice, self-knowledge and surrender to God form a path of access for those who wish to awaken.


Transformation into Christ, unity with the Living God and participation in the evolution of all creation is possible in this life. Indeed, it is the aim and purpose of every human life.


Transformation is only possible through the power and grace of the Holy Spirit.


We open ourselves to transforming grace through our consent in Centering Prayer, the Eucharist, the Word and spiritual community.


The Eucharist is an ongoing manifestation of Christ. In the Eucharist, we are united in Christ, which we believe is fully present under the symbols of bread and wine. Through Christ we are united in God with the whole of creation.


The Incarnation, Death and Resurrection of Christ Jesus reveal forever our eternal life. In Christ, death has been overcome.


The Ascension is Christ’s cosmic return to the center of all creation.  The mystery of this Presence permeates all creation.  Even material creation has become divine.


God is Love.  Love is eternally present.  We are called to participate in the dynamism of this love, for God, for one another and for all creation.


Love bears all.


Love never fails.