03/28/2023 at 4:20

The Church of Conscious Harmony (CCH) exists for the sole purpose of facilitating the spiritual journey for people who want to make God-devotion the center of their lives while living in the ordinary world, without the aid of monastery walls. Our aim is to provide the focus, the teaching and the community support required for individuals to grow in self-awareness from the illusion of separate and separative existence, to the fully enlightened experience of conscious union with the Living God.

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Our Annual Aim

You are invited to join in community

… To renew your consent and will to God,

… to participate fully in a year dedicated to

Holy Remembering

… to move ever deeper together as a community of intention , practice and devotion.

All glory to God!

All are welcome to participate in The Church of Conscious Harmony’s 2023 yearlong aim: Holy Remembering.

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