What is the purpose or aim of the Spiritual Journey program (SJP)? What can I expect to take away from the experience?
The aim of the program is to provide each participant with a foundation for a deeper understanding and experience of the spiritual journey through the teaching of Thomas Keating, in concert with the teachings of the Work of Inner Christianity, Bernadette Roberts, Ilia Delio and other wisdom teachers. This shared experience will support the community’s unfolding evolution and growth in deepening our intention and participation to live God-centered lives. An important aspect of the spiritual journey is formation, what the teachings of the Work would call a second education. In being re-formed, you can expect a new way of perceiving and experiencing yourself, God, your spiritual journey and your connection to the community and all creation.


When does the SJP start and end?
The program begins on Monday, January 14, 2019 and ends on Thursday, December 26, 2019.


Who can participate in the SJP? Do I have to be a member of The Church of Conscious Harmony (CCH) or even worship at CCH?
All are welcome to participate in this yearlong program. If you are attracted to the unique blend of teachings in this program, are willing to make the yearlong commitment to participate, and want to participate in the evolution of the community, please join in the program. The program is delivered via email so you must also be willing to engage the program this way. You are invited to prayerfully consider your participation and make a yearlong commitment if you decide to participate.


What if I am new to CCH?
If you are new to the community, it is recommended you follow the new-member track of classes and readings, which also includes learning the method of Centering Prayer and establishing a daily practice. You can find out more about this track by calling or visiting the office.


What does the SJP cost?
There is no fee to participate in the program, although there are significant costs to the church to offer it. A donation of $100 is suggested and all level of donations are gratefully received.


How and when can I sign up?
A formal invitation to join the program will be made to the community on Epiphany, Sunday, January 6, 2019. You are encouraged to sign-up by clicking on the REGISTRATION link to the left.. Or you may sign-up in person in the CCH office.


How is the program offered? What is the average SJP weekly or daily time commitment?
This original and new program content written for the CCH community will be delivered via email on Monday and Thursday each week. The Monday email will include a link to a video segment which on average is 20-25 minutes long. Sometimes the Thursday email will include a link to a shorter video segment. You can expect to spend about 1-1.5 hours/week with this material. There will be periodic pauses to allow for review and catch-up. There will also be a break in the program during the months of July and August.


What is a Journey Group? How many people are in a group? Where will Journey Groups meet?
Journey Groups are small groups of about eight people who meet weekly. The groups are an intentional container devoted to greater understanding and embodiment of the teaching offered in the SJP. The groups provide a space for practical Work while in relationship with others and an opportunity to remember and experience the joy, love and kindness of conscious human connection. If you join a Journey Group, you have one of two options: an in-person Journey Group or a Zoom (computer-based video conferencing) Journey Group. (There will be no Zoom option for the in-person groups.) You will meet with the same Journey group for the entire year. Journey Groups will last approximately 60-75 minutes and consist of a brief opening prayer, 20 minutes of Centering Prayer and the remaining time in sharing and reflection. Each group will have a facilitator. The role of the facilitator will be to hold the center of intention by facilitating the prayer time and the reflection time.


Do I have to join a Journey Group?
Participation in a Journey Group is optional but highly recommended. For those wishing to be part of the Tenth Man School, participation in a Journey Group is required.


Do I have to join the Tenth Man School to participate in the SJP?
No. However, if you wish to be in the Tenth Man School, then participation in the SJP and the Journey Groups are required.


Can I start the SJP or join a Journey Group later in the year? Can I drop out of the SJP mid-way through if necessary?
The deadline for signing up for the SJP is February 1. It will not be possible to join after February 1. There is no need to drop out of the program, as the emails will always be available to you and you can go through them at your own pace, if needed.


Will Current Work Groups and Second Line Groups continue in 2019?
No. Because the SJP is meant for the whole community and includes the components of study and practice in small groups. Journey Groups will replace second-line and work groups in 2019.


How will the SJP impact the Thursday Work of Inner Christianity class?
The Thursday night class will continue with its normal focus on the Commentaries and other Work-related teachings. It is expected that the SJP will be woven in as leaders and participants share their own experiences.