Journey Group Registration

Journey Groups offer a weekly, small group setting, to join in prayer and discuss the content of the weekly curriculum email and its action in our spiritual journey. Group size is limited and is filled on a first to register basis. Registration for joining a Journey Group for 2023 ended January 29. Journey Groups will begin meeting the week of February 6 and conclude the week of Dec 4, 2023.

The Journey Group represents the second line of Work, which is Work with other people. …

  • We are to feel the need for coming together, to be present with others, to share a relation of reciprocal attention.
  • We arrive on time and we expect to end on time. In the case of an absence, we are expected to send a message to everyone in the group notifying them of the absence.
  • We need to be wholly present and prepared to speak, to have reflected on, engaged and be ready to share how the week’s homework has impacted our lives, omitting “story” except to give context.
  • We share experiences from our own lives, not abstract ideas. We share three-centered observations using “I” statements and Work language.
  • We listen deeply with directed attention. We are here to work on ourselves.
  • We observe our reactions. We become aware of our judgments, the urge to interrupt, the preparation of “a response.” Then, we non-identify and Self-remember.
  • We do not teach or play the teacher role. We do not give advice. We do not criticize what others share. We gather to care and to work in the moment, not to fix or remove pain. We pray for others who seem to be in crisis. God does the healing.
  • We are receptive to the Facilitator’s and perhaps other’s invitation/ encouragement to frame our sharing using Work ideas and language.
  • We assure that our sharing is not disproportionately long, nor do we wait to the last minute to share. If we are regularly one of the first to speak, or the last to speak, we are invited to work against this mechanicality.
  • We keep the sharing in the group confidential.
  • If we are consistently struggling with your Journey Group Facilitator or other Group members, prayerfully seek counsel from the Abbess or Minister.

We abide in gratitude for this Work, for our time together, that there are others who have Aim, Wish and are willing to work. This is a rare and precious gift known by few, a vessel of possibility for the unfolding of deep, conscious love.

(Please note, signing up for The Journey School is a separate registration and can be done HERE.)

Registration has closed. Please contact the church office at or call 512-347-9673 if you would like to be on a wait list if an opening in a Journey Group becomes available.