The Journey School is a school of transformative spiritual psychology and practice of The Church of Conscious Harmony.

The Journey School aims to be a spiritual resource for anyone who wishes to more deeply recognize, receive and respond to God as the center of their lives and participate consciously in the transformational spiritual journey into Christ. As such, The Journey School aims to provide the community, structure, teaching and support for the spiritual journey deeper into God’s love.

The Journey School Consists of:

An annual, yearlong curriculum consisting of a weekly email which includes Scripture, teachings from the Work of Inner Christianity integrated with contemplative Christianity, homework exercises, links to definitions, readings and related resources. Participants in The Journey School are expected to read, reflect and engage the contents of the weekly email.

Weekly Journey Groups, the primary place for the nurturing of spiritual community in a small group setting. Journey Groups involve a one-year commitment, beginning in January and concluding each December. Discussion is shaped by the weekly curriculum content and how participants are engaging with it in their daily lives. Journey Groups are facilitated by a trained Oblate. Both face-to-face and online Journey Group options are available.

Weekly Thursday evening class exploring the ideas and practices of the Work of Inner Christianity integrated with wisdom from the contemplative Christian tradition. All who participate in The Journey School at any level of engagement are encouraged to attend. Class is held online from 7:00-8:30pm CT. To participate, use this link.

Work Partner is where two people who are in The Journey School are paired together to deepen knowledge and being in both the first and second lines of Work. It is an opportunity to immerse oneself more deeply in the teaching and to consent more deeply to the transformative process. The primary purpose of the Work Partner relationship is to set aim each day and to report on one’s observations and struggles with the aim of the prior day. There are prerequisites for having a Work Partner.

The Oblate Program consents to journey deeper into Christ, what theologians call Theosis, or simply, Love. Participation as an Oblate is a declaration of intentional relationship to the Divine Mystery that is God and to all creation. To become an Oblate, a vow is taken, renewable each January. The vow is born of a personal hunger and commitment for transformation into Christ and a wish to live a committed life in service of this aim. The vow is to God alone, yet lived out through and with the Church community. The word Oblate comes from the Latin Oblatio, and conveys (1) the action of offering oneself to God and one’s spiritual community and its Rule of Life, and (2) the wish to consent more deeply to God in every dimension of one’s life. In making their vow, Oblates commit themselves to God and to living the Oblate Rule of Life so to actively participate in the spiritual journey while engaging the transformative process as “monks in the world.” Oblates fully participate in The Journey School programs by receiving the weekly email, participating in a Journey Group, and attending the weekly Thursday evening class.


1. Receive weekly email only
2. Receive weekly email and participate in a Journey Group
3. Attend the Thursday evening class with the option of having a Work Partner*

4. All of the above
5. Participate in all offerings above and commit to living the Oblate Rule of Life.

* the weekly email is included in this level of engagement