Do This in Remembrance of Me: A Jewish Seder in the Footsteps of Jesus’ Last Supper
Maundy Thursday, April 14 5:30-6:45pm

Seder dinner is the Jewish traditional Passover meal. This is the meal Jesus would have celebrated as what is known as The Last Supper, which we celebrate on Maundy Thursday. While food will not be served, we will walk through each aspect of the Seder dinner interpreted in the light of Jesus’ teaching, noticing how Jesus’ both includes and transcends the Jewish traditions. If you have ever wondered what the meaning of The Last Supper is, or Passover, we invite you to this simple and quiet experience with a wish that it helps you more deeply embody the Holy Week events. This will take place in the Fellowship Hall. Attendance is in-person. Space is limited to 40 participants. Please register here.

Seder Dinner - Maundy Thursday

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