Membership in the Church is a declaration of intentional relationship to the Divine Mystery that is God and all God’s creation. It is formal expression of a personal hunger to practice and grow in this relationship and to live in deeper communion with both God and neighbor every day. Each member of The Church of Conscious Harmony shall endeavor to live in accordance with principles of truth as taught by Jesus Christ and shall further the work of this Church and ministry through his or her active interest, sincerity, devotion, good-will, prayer, service, time, effort, attention, financial support, love and affection.
From the Bylaws of The Church of Conscious Harmony

Membership Formation Process:

    • Take an Introduction to Centering Prayer class and have an active Centering Prayer practice (offered several times each year).
    • Take the class, Lessons in Truth (offered once per year).
    • Take the class, Simple Explanations of Work Ideas (offered twice a year).
    • Have been baptized (baptism class held each May)
    • Take the 4 “New Member” classes held in the fall, each year. The class themes are:
      • History and Purpose of CCH
      • Sacraments
      • Tithing and Stewardship
      • Practice in Community

The above offerings will be promoted on the “Happenings” web page, in the Friday community email and in the Sunday bulletin.

Once these items have been completed, an application for membership is available from the Church office. New member induction is scheduled once each year, generally in late October – early November.  Induction happens during a Sunday Service, with a community reception in the Fellowship Hall following service.

As members of The Church of Conscious Harmony, we are committing to: a daily Centering Prayer practice, practicing the Work of Inner Christianity, lifelong study of the great spiritual teachings, service in community, participation in annual Centering Prayer retreats, stewardship and tithing.