The Church of Conscious Harmony

Centering Prayer Workshop

Preparing Heart and Mind With Devotional Chant & Gesture

Saturday August 7, 9:00am-3:00pm CDT

Presented online by Jim Reale


Chanting has been a method of prayer over the centuries, to lift up one’s heart to God. Chant is a common thread of devotion to the Divine found in all the major religious traditions, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu. The monastic communities recognize chanting as a way of vocalizing one’s faith, devotion and yearning. Chant breaks the silence to open our hearts and minds and returns us again, to silence after sound, with deeper openness, devotion, love and oneness with God. These original chants, in English, are accessible to all, kept simple using 3 to 4 tones. They serve to deliver us to a place of quiet, intimacy and healing.


9:00-9:30       Orientation to chant and gesture as preparation for Centering Prayer

9:30-10:00       Centering Prayer without preparation

10:00-10:30      Devotional chant and gesture

10:30-11:00      Centering Prayer after chant & gesture

11:00-11:15      Break

11:15-11:30      Devotional chant & gesture

11:30-12:00      Centering Prayer after chant and gesture

12:00-1:00       Lunch

1:00-1:30       Centering Prayer without preparation

1:30-2:00       Devotional Chant and gesture

2:00-2:30       Centering Prayer after chant and gesture

2:30-3:00       Oral review with sharing

Registration for this workshop has closed. Jim Reale will be leading a 5-day retreat at Cedarbrake, September 10-14. See church website for details.