The Church of Conscious Harmony

Centering Prayer Workshop

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Centering Prayer

Saturday May 21, 9:00am-3:00pm CDT

Presented online by Jim Reale


A house is made up of many rooms. We walk through several rooms to enter the heart of a home where we form our deepest relationships. Similar to a home, the human system has several rooms or rather dimensions that we can “walk through” to enter the “inner room” as referenced in Matthew – chapter 6 verse 6, where relationship with the Divine takes place.

The language of “embodied” prayer is surfacing more and more. What many are searching for is a “how to” or a manual for prayer from head to toe, body to breath, breath to mind, mind to heart to arrive at our center. This workshop, A Multi-Dimensional Approach, is a template for embodied prayer.

Using movement, breath and chant we engage and purify these dimensions to clear a direct path to our center. No prior experience necessary.


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