7-day Lenten Centering Prayer Retreat

Cedarbrake Retreat Center in Belton, Texas

 Monday evening, March 14th-Sunday morning, March 20th, 2022

   Retreat Leader: Father Carl Arico


Christianity is a religion of the Word. The Word is Love. But we can sometimes forget that the Word emerges first from silence. When there is no silence, the One Word which God speaks is not truly heard as Love. ‘Words’ are not love, for they are many and Love is One…That One Word is heard only in the silence and in solitude of the empty heart, the selfless, undivided heart, the heart that is at peace, detached, free, without care.

                                     Thomas Merton, ‘Love and Solitude,’ Loving and Living


In addition to the gift of Centering Prayer in community and spacious time for silence and solitude we will be gifted with two videos from the 2008 Contemplative Outreach conference in Pittsburgh. They are an in-depth exploration between Lawrence Freeman and Father Thomas Keating about that saying, “to know the other, to become the other, there is no other.”


You are invited to participate in a seven-day “bubble of silence”. With open mind and open heart, please join with us as we listen to the word. Each full retreat day will include several times of Centering Prayer, silence and solitude, acres of nature to enjoy, optional spiritual companioning and vegetarian meals. Retreat begins at 6pm CT opening day and concludes at 10:30am closing day. Cost is $800 and includes lodging, food and linens. Upon registering the full retreat schedule will immediately be emailed to you.

Currently all spaces are filled. To be on a wait list, please call 512-347-9673 or email officemgr@consciousharmony.org