Umberto Boccioni, Dynamism of the Human Body, 1913

The Church of Conscious Harmony

Centering Prayer Retreat – Welcoming Prayer

Friday, June 10th – Tuesday, June 14, 2022


“I am where I need to be. Everything around me includes and hides the sacred.” Mary Mrozowski


The Welcoming Prayer is an incarnational method of consenting to God’s presence and action in our physical and emotional reactions to people and events in daily life. This “consent-on-the-go” embodied practice deepens our relationship with God as we move through the ordinary activities of our day, helping us to stay in the presence of God and the present moment. This 5-day retreat led by Pamela Begeman and Jill Frank, will offer the opportunity to practice Centering Prayer alongside the Welcoming Prayer. There will be guided practice sessions, devotional time including the Eucharist and Compline, optional private interviews with the retreat leaders, as well as spacious time in silence and solitude . Sharon Johnson will also offer a morning yoga practice and restorative yoga in the afternoons to support integration of the prayer in our bodies.

The Welcoming Prayer practice will be guided, however as background and for those new to the practice we recommend purchase and review of the “Welcoming Prayer: Consent on the Go” 40-day praxis booklet from Contemplative Outreach to prepare you and offer support following the retreat. It is available in either a hardcopy or PDF version. Here are the links: hardcopy booklet for $20 or digital PDF for $10.

Please join us in consent not only into a deeper relationship with God, but also with the whole Body of Christ. The retreat begins Friday at 6pm with dinner and concludes by 10:30am on Tuesday. Meals are vegetarian. Retreat cost is $600 and includes a private room. The retreat will be held at the Cedarbrake Retreat Center in Belton, TX.

Centering Prayer 5-day In-person Retreat Registration

  • In-person 5-day Intensive Centering Prayer Retreat at Cedarbrake, Belton, TX, January 13-17, 2023 beginning Friday 6pm thru Tuesday 10:30am. Private room and meals included in the price.
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