Centering Prayer 4-day Online Retreat Registration - Vestibules

  • Price: $100.00
    Online 4-day Retreat - Vestibules to the Practice of Centering Prayer - Led by Jim Reale. Friday 6-8pm, Sat-Mon 8-4pm. The vestibules at a glance ~ • Simple body movement, carefully guided, opens the body and releases habitual tension. • Sacred chant, composed with the idea of musical simplicity and theological depth are taught to raise our voices together just as monastic communities have done for centuries. These original chants, combined with reverential gesture, instill a devotional quality that moves our intention deeper into the heart. • Conscious breathing techniques will be introduced to quiet and free the mind. Weaving movement, breath, and chant with Centering Prayer as the pinnacle, this retreat will create a contemplative tapestry of profound calm to enrich, deepen, and ground our experience on multiple levels. This will take place along with numerous periods of prayer each day.