Current Announcements

Spiritual Companioning

Spiritual companioning is offered and encouraged for the church community. Appointment times are available (via phone or Zoom room) weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Contact the church office at: or call 512.347.9673 to schedule.

Conversations with Tim and Barbara Cook on Life, Death & Resurrection – The Joy & Simplicity of a Life Devoted to God 
Four consecutive Wednesday evenings from 7:15pm-8:30pm CDT in-person in the Sanctuary or online. We will explore a Christian Contemplative experience of a life in Christ, dying to self, rising into more love, light and life, and welcoming death as self-transcending surrender. Join us for sharing experiences and stories from our trust-worthy guides as they bear witness to the fruits of a life devoted to God. Register HERE

The Mark Pendants
If you are interested in purchasing a sterling silver “Mark” pendant, we currently have some available for $20.00. It is the pendant only and does not include a chain. Please see the office for assistance.