All Centering Prayer retreats are for anyone who has completed the Introduction to Centering Prayer workshop or who otherwise has a Centering Prayer practice. Retreats range from half-day to 10-days. Half-day, 1-day and 2-day retreats are held at the church. All 5-10 day retreats are held at Cederbrake Renewal Center near Belton, TX.  To view the Centering Prayer offerings available select this link to the CP Enrichment 2020 schedule or check out the church website calendar on the “Happenings” tab.  Also on the “Happenings” tab will be an announcement about upcoming retreats and a convenient link for online registration for 1/2-day and 1-day retreats.


Intensive retreats are for people who have an established 6-12 month Centering Prayer practice, and who feel a longing to deepen their relationship with God through an extended time of silence and prayer. It is not necessary to have attended shorter-duration retreats before attending a 7-day or 10-day intensive.


The intensive retreats are structured for people who have not formerly completed a 10-day retreat, or who wish to deepen or renew their understanding of Fr. Keating’s model of the Spiritual Journey. In addition to the periods of Centering Prayer, retreatants will view and discuss some of Fr. Keating’s Spiritual Journey video tapes each day.


Post intensive retreats are for people who have cultivated a taste for silence and are looking for increased periods of Centering Prayer, silence and solitude while on retreat. Post intensive applicants must have formerly completed a 10-day intensive retreat.


Watch a video of features seen at Cedarbrake Renewal Center during a Centering Prayer retreat in HD or watch it in HD use password: cedarbrake