The Church of Conscious Harmony exists for the sole purpose of facilitating the spiritual journey for people who want to make God devotion the center of their lives while living in the ordinary world without the aid of monastery walls. As a contemplative Christian community, we encourage and support a life of daily spiritual practice, study and devotion in service to a growing awareness and experience of conscious union with the Living God.


Rooted in Tradition, contemplative Christianity is a way of life, supporting an ongoing relationship with the Beloved. A contemplative Christian knows and experiences the Indwelling Presence and seeks to “rest in God” in prayer and in life. Contemplation is a pure gift from God, something revealed through consent, surrender, silence and solitude, the fruits of which manifest in ordinary life.

We are connected with a worldwide contemplative community through Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. and Praxis Research Institute.



We live in a universe that is balanced and lawful. Consciousness of these laws and our relationship to creation enable us to live in harmony. Conscious Harmony means to align our lives with God’s purpose for human existence, to live a spiritually balanced, happy and abundant life. It is with this knowledge and intention that the church was named.



The Mark is an ancient Trinitarian symbol sometimes referred to as The Eye of God. The outer circle represents God. The inner circle represents God at man’s center. The Mark symbolizes the fact that we are in God and God is in us. Man and God are related through the Trinity by the presence of the Holy Spirit, which is Love.

We wish to be a contemplative Christian community of practice and transformation with:

… conscious intention

… selfless participation

… prayerful stewardship

… gracious hospitality

always guided by the Spirit and rooted in love.