Work groups offer 7-12 person, self-directed, study opportunities on a particular topic or practice related to the two foundations of the Church: the Christian contemplative tradition and the Work of Inner Christianity. Work group topics are presented by members of the Church who are willing to facilitate the group study. Work groups are offered in a spring and fall semester format. The aim of work groups is to provide participants with transforming spiritual enrichment, inspiring love of God and love of neighbor.

Work groups generally are offered in two terms; the spring term that runs January thru May and a fall term that runs September into December. The 2018 spring term runs January 15 – May 25. Enrollment is open now through January 3.

Below are the work groups available in the spring term. Select the title to open a pdf describing the group and the commitment you are making in registering for the group.  After the title and in red font is the number of spots open in the work group.

For registration to enroll in a work group, select and fill out this link – work group registration form.  You may also hand in an enrollment form to the office.  Phone enrollment is not an option.  Please register for one work group.  After the enrollment time is up, you may register for an additional work group where there are openings.

Monday 7-8:30 pm – Contemplating ‘Both – And’  11

Monday 7-8:30 pm – Living Time  11

Tuesday 6:16-7:45 pm – Reality of Being  11

Tuesday 6:30-8 pm – Wisdom Circle of Elder Companioning  11

Thursday 5:30-7 pm – Life Is Real Only Then When I Am  11

Friday 6-7:15 pm – Altered I’s  9

Friday 6-7:15 pm – Meditations on the Tarot (Arcana XII & XIII)  8

updated 12/011/18