Contemplative Lunch

Wednesday noon-1:00pm

A prepared lunch of soup, salad and bread is enjoyed in silence until 12:30 while a spiritual text is read aloud. Fellowship time follows as time allows for each person.


Prayer Circle

Join in person for the intercessory prayer circle or submit your prayers online or in the prayer box.  Prayer Circle times are on the church calendar.


Tenth Man School

The Tenth Man School (TMS) consists of members of the church who personally commit, on an annual basis in association with the Annual Aim, to living by a spiritual “Rule of Life.”   The sole aim of the Tenth Man School is to be a transforming agent of the Spirit, assisting the process and reality of theosis for one another, that each may “know myself as Christ, as my Father knows me,” fully human, fully divine, always guided by the Spirit and rooted in Eternal Love.


Membership in the School is a declaration of intentional relationship to the Divine Mystery that is God, and to all creation. It is a formal expression of a personal hunger and commitment to be transformed, and to live a committed life in service of this aim.


The Tenth Man School leads the Devotional Service each Friday evening.  Several times a year additional enrichment programs are offered for further spiritual development and fellowship.