Yearly in January, an Annual Aim is offered to the church community.  In association with this is the opportunity to commit to living a ‘rule of life’ as a part of your participation in the annual aim and in support of your spiritual growth.  Though the emphasis is highest in January, at any time of the year, a congregant is encouraged and welcome to take up the ‘rule of life’.  These are the practices that one commits to:

  1. Twice daily Centering Prayer practice
  2. Daily reading of Scripture
  3. Daily reading of the Work of Inner Christianity
  4. Daily conscious movement (e.g., tai chi, yoga, walking)
  5. Small group participation (second line group and/or Work groups), as available
  6. Commitment to attend Centering Prayer retreats
  7. Seva group or YES program participation
  8. Tithing
  9. Regular attendance at Sunday services.